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  • When hiring an engineer to fix your plumbing or gas issues, you should always make sure you hire a Gas Safe Registered engineer. This ensures that your engineer knows what they are doing and follow regulations that apply to current laws. All Dorset Plumbing engineers are registered as Gas Safe, to ensure we complete all work to the highest quality. Give us a call on 01202 668822 to book your engineer today!

    What is a Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

    Gas Safe Registered Engineer

    Most plumbing companies will be on the Gas Safe Register which means that they are legally permitted to carry out gas work on your premises. To work for a Gas Safe Registered company, you need to be a Gas Safe Registered engineer with a valid Gas Safe ID card. Being a Gas Safe engineer means that you are qualified to undertake any gas work. Dorset Plumbing is registered as Gas Safe and only employs Gas Safe engineers. When scheduling a visit with an engineer, check their Gas Safe badge just to make sure that they’re fully qualified for your own safety.

    Why Choose Dorset Plumbing For Your Gas Safe Engineer?

    There are lots of plumbing companies out there, with many being on the Gas Safe Register; but why should you come to Dorset Plumbing? Here at Dorset Plumbing, we care about all our customers, therefore, we want you to have 100% satisfaction with our services. So far, we have done well to achieve this:

    We asked the engineer to quote for a boiler service and after calling his office they said he was doing well for time and as he was booked on for the day, they didn’t charge any extra. My husband and I are thrilled.

    All our engineers are very tidy; we will do our absolute best to protect your fixtures and fittings and will always clean up after ourselves once we have finished.

    Dorset Plumbing wants to ensure that everybody can have fully functioning plumbing and gas appliances, therefore, we strive to give you the best prices in the area, so you can afford to have everything working.
    You can also get in touch with your Gas Safe Registered engineer at any time of the day. This is because we offer an emergency plumber service that operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year! Yes, that’s right, we will even get to you on Christmas day. Once you have called us about an emergency problem, we will do our best to reach you that day as you shouldn’t have to go without.

    Dorset Plumbing is very special compared to other plumbing companies. All Gas Safe Registered engineers will be able to fix and install anything gas and plumbing related for you. Here at Dorset Plumbing, we can not only fix and install things, but we have a fantastic design service! If you want a brand-new kitchen or bathroom fitted and are not sure what you want, our engineers can help! We can check out your existing bathroom or kitchen to enable us to see what we can do with it. Afterwards, we can discuss with you what sort of ideas and designs you would like, then we can give you a free no obligation quote for the work being undertaken in addition to the appliances.

    What’s more, we not only fit and supply plumbing appliances, but we can fit and supply you with even counter tops and cupboards! Everything you would need to have the kitchen of your dreams.

    Getting in Contact With Your Gas Safe Registered Company

    To get in touch with us at Dorset Plumbing, give us a call on 01202 668822, or if we are out of hours, call us on 01202 402251; one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you and will book you in with a Gas Safe Registered engineer. We are a trusted and reliable company and are proud to serve the area of Dorset for any gas or plumbing issue that you may have.