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    Are you looking for a plumber in Poole that knows exactly what they’re doing? Dorset Plumbing engineers and plumbers are all gas safe registered and experienced to ensure that we give you the highest standard of work possible. We also have an out of hours service available, so call us on 01202 668822 to hire your plumber today.


    Best Plumber in Poole

    Dorset Plumbing can fix any plumbing emergency that you have, whether it be a broken boiler, blocked drain or even installing a new boiler entirely; we can do it. As all our engineers are gas safe registered, you can rest assured that we know what we are doing and will not take any shortcuts on any job; everything will be done correctly and efficiently.

    If you are getting a new boiler installed by us, we can assure you that we will beat any like for like boiler quote by £100! If that isn’t good enough, we also give a 10-year warranty with any boiler fitted by us! We also help other companies get out of sticky situations:

    “Thanks Dorset plumbing for getting me out of a sticky situation. Due to sickness I was unable to attend a large boiler installation job in Bournemouth, so I called them up and they helped me out and carried out the install on my behalf, so the customer was not let down. The work was very good and myself and the customer are very pleased.”

    Anyone who needs a plumber in Poole whether it be another plumbing business or a homeowner; Dorset Plumbing has you covered.


    Services on Offer

    Dorset Plumbing can accommodate a vast array of services that you may need:

    • Bathrooms: We can fix anything in your bathroom from toilets to showers, but we can also design, supply and fit you a whole new bathroom.
    • Boilers: Many homes have different kinds of boilers, so we must know how to fix them all; whatever your boiler may be, Dorset Plumbing can fix it for you. Having a boiler serviced once a year is important which we can also accommodate in addition to being able to fix or supply any kind of boiler.Plumber in Poole
    • Dorset Heating Services: Dorset Plumbing can navigate their way through any heating system whether it be the standard boiler and radiators system, or an underfloor heating system; we can fix and install them all.
    • Exterior Drainage: Having a pipe get blocked or collapse can be a stressing time for homeowners as excess waste can start to drain into your garden; we are happy to help with this issue and will always do the work complaint free.
    • Kitchens: Standard plumbers will be able to fix and fit new plumbing services in the kitchen; both of which we provide. What makes Dorset Plumbing stand out is that we can design a new kitchen for you and install a complete kitchen including countertops.
    • Power Flush: Over the years central heating pipes can start to get blocked and your heating system needs to work harder to run which will cost you more money. We can complete a full system power flush for you, making your heating system work as if it was new.
    • Radiators: Like boilers, radiators come in all shapes and sizes and Dorset Plumbing ensures that they can fix and install all types.

    Having Dorset Plumbing as your plumber in Poole can provide you with all these services and more at a moment’s notice.


    Emergency Plumber in Poole

    Dorset Plumbing can also be your emergency plumber in Poole as we provide a 24/7 service; this includes public holidays such as Christmas. Our local engineers will get to you in no time in an emergency, especially in cases with a broken-down boiler as that will be our top priority; we’ll send someone over straight away.


    Contact Dorset Plumbing

    Dorset Plumbing are always happy to hear from you no matter what time of the day it is; you can call us on 01202 668822 for our in-house office hours or call 01202 402251 for out of hours emergencies for your plumber in Poole. All our staff are very friendly and will always be happy to help you so do not hesitate to call us today.