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  • Dorset Plumbing is now able to offer a Legionella risk assessment for landlords, residential properties, and commercial properties in the Bournemouth, Poole, and Dorset areas. The price for this service is just £39.99 +VAT, and helps you to ensure that your properties are safe and confirm to legal requirements and legislation.

    As a landlord it is your legal responsibility to ensure that you have regular tests to help prevent potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease, and our competitively priced Legionella risk assessment mean you can have the peace of mind and documentation required.

    Whether you own residential, domestic, or commercial properties, we can conduct a fully-qualified Legionella test on the premises so you adhere to the latest Health and Safety legislation in the Dorset area.

    For more information on your legal obligations please read this page on the Residential Landlords Association. The UK Health & Safety Executive have also released essential information that you will need to be familiar with.

    Your Legal Responsibilities

    As a landlord in Bournemouth, Poole, or Dorset, you have a duty of care to help assess and prevent the risk of exposure – with our Legionella Risk Assessment for landlords in Bournemouth and the local area, you can ensure you are adhering to the law.

    You should consider any risks of Legionella in your properties that could impact members of the public, employees, or tenants, and then take the right precautions.

    What Landlords Need to Do

    As the person or company responsible for premises, you should assess which water systems in the property might be at risk of leading to Legionnaires Disease. You can conduct this risk assessment yourselves, or preferably ask an external contractor such as Dorset Plumbing to do this for you.

    It doesn’t take us long to conduct the risk assessment, and at just £39.99 +VAT it’s an easy decision to make which could reduce the chances of your tenants contracting a fatal disease.

    If you choose not to adhere to UK legislation then it could result in very serious consequences. You are legally obliged to ensure your properties are not at risk, with significant fines, prosecution and imprisonment potentially being imposed.

    If you would like to find out more about how Dorset Plumbing can help ensure that you are adhering to UK regulations and compliance please call us today on 01202 668822.