During Winter months, it’s very common for problems to start occurring with your central heating system. This can include issues such as:

  • – Cold spots around the home
  • – Dirty water coming through your water supply
  • – Bills costing more than you think they should
  • – A noisy central heating system, pipes, or radiators
  • – Poor circulation of heat and water or slow to heat
  • – Blockages in the system or intermittent water flow
  • – Boiler cutting out
  • – Radiators need bleeding frequently

If you are experiencing problems such as this, then it could be a sign that your heating system needs a power flush. Poole customers can call us today to book this job in, with costs and prices starting as cheap as £250.

How Power Flushing Works

Our power flushing service can make your central heating system work just like it’s brand new again, so it could save you significant money versus buying a completely new boiler.

Before and After

Our Gas Safe registered engineers will visit your Poole home or commercial property and connect a machine up to the central heating system. Our machine will then force a powerful low-pressure flow of liquid through, which will help to un-block and dislodge and sludge or rust that has developed over time.

Any residue in your radiators and boiler will be removed, meaning it will start to work again just like new, helping to eradicate any of those problems we highlighted at the top of the page.

Once the power flush is completed, your central heating system will benefit from having clean and fresh water in it that won’t cause any blocks or break downs.

To find out when we can come to visit you, please call our friendly team on 01202 668822 to book an appointment, or simply find out more.